Don’t Listen to Haters!!!

When you’re trying to become a successful musician you will have to ignore the haters! The doubts that you will have will feel overwhelming! Trust me I know this! The amount of hate we get is crazy sometimes! Thats not a real job they say. Why aren’t you famous? Those are some of the most common and it’s also crazy because of who the comments are coming from! Friends and family are the worst sometimes. Now I’ve learned over the years friends and family support is nice but they are not really fans. I know they show love sometimes but it’s kind of expected and Im not really a big fan of relying on friends and family to support my music. What Im trying to say is strangers will always be more honest and will not be afraid to judge you. Thats just the facts! Now Im not saying that they’re always right! Thats not true either. Some people love to hate for no reason and the internet has given cowards a way to insult people and feel safe. You must not let anyone change how you feel about yourself and your art! Keep pushing and I promise you good things can come. It may take time and it will be a lot of work. The main goal is to be happy and free for me. I never stepped into this saying I want to be rich and famous. My goal was to pay the bills and have TIME with my family! Time and freedom are the goals. Now money is important but fame is more of a bonus. Yes being known and respected of course is great. I want to be respected and known more. I feel this will happen one day. I know my music has spread a lot faster than some expected and thats dope! I hope it keeps growing I just want to stay humble while growing and I know some of my fellow artist on here get what Im saying. So keep at it don’t quit and stay stubborn. Have a Blessed Day!


Working on music tonight

Im getting back to work tonight. I have a few surprises this year with music. Im reaching out to more artist and looking to collab. We are currently working on Trap N Purgatory 2 and a couple singles. Trap N Purgatory the story of two brothers who get caught between life and death. They have to find a way to reach heaven or return to earth. We had so much fun with that project last year. Our music will always be different and creative. I really hope everyone not only enjoys it but also takes the time to listen and appreciate it. Thank you and have a great day! I may post some pics or videos later of us working and recording.