Learn to be alone

I’ve always enjoyed my own company. When I was younger and had a break up or a falling out with friends. It was an advantage for me. I never needed to party or be part of group. Some people see this as weird or arrogance whatever that means. Being able to chill alone is a superpower. Humans are wired for connection. They like being with a group. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and spending time with my wife & kids. I love being a family man but no one is responsible for your happiness. Thats on you. I think this helped me with my creativity and my business growth. Plus Im very stubborn and I refuse to quit. If it’s possible you should really consider setting aside some time for yourself. Read some books, watch a show or a documentary. I use my alone time to learn and meditate. This is also beneficial to those around you. It gives you time to reflect and appreciate those around you. Have a blessed day!

Just be you

My advice for artist trying to make it? First you have to decide what you want. Do you want fame? Do you want money? Do you want both? Are you more of an artist or entertainer? Im pretty happy where Im at I pretty much support my family with my art. Im not some super rich artist but Im happy! Now I have goals to grow and become more but I enjoy being low key honestly. Over looked by some but still known by some. I love being free to create what I want when I want. Im not a follower so being an industry artist would be extremely difficult for myself. Some artist would love to be super famous and rich. Well good luck with that. I chose freedom. I appreciate music as a fan and artist. We are all different Im not judging anyone. Im just giving my two cents on what makes me happy. Make no mistake about it I still would love more fans and listeners. Thats the goal to grow. So whatever you choose just make sure thats what you really want.