Studio time

I got to meet a new artist and chill with my bros this past weekend. A much needed break for us all. These sessions are dope asf. Listening to each others music. Breaking down lyrics and listening to beats. You don’t always have to record to have a successful night. It was a blessing.

be original

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am not a fan of fads. I do not care at all what the other person is doing. If you are going to be a successful artist especially underground. Then you must find a way to stand out! Thats just what it takes in my humble opinion. Im not talking about the mainstream music industry. That is mostly just the same song on repeat with a different artist singing it. Im not hating just speaking some facts. I hope to give listeners a new kind of experience. Thats why my albums tend to be a little more theatrical. Im trying to find ways to stand out. We need more artist who are different. Im very happy I work with artist who know how to create works of true art. Thats my advice for today. No matter what you do. Do it your way! Be creative be your authentic self. Have a blessed day!