Im so Grateful

This is for anyone that doesn’t know me personally. I make music for a living I’ve been making enough to support my family for a couple years now. Ive become so thankful these past few years. I actually enjoy what I do for money. Thats rare in itself for most people. This didn’t come easy by any means. I struggled greatly in my early life. I made a couple mistakes when I was 19 and it changed the direction of my life dearly. I had a criminal background & I still have the job applications that never gave me a chance. I was flagged and thrown in the trash. I also keep over 100 jobs that turned me down because of my background in my filing cabinets. This motivated me to keep pushing and focus on my music. I had to create music to live a decent life. All I could do for work was construction and get laid off every time the job was finished. I was not going to keep living that life. Im so happy and blessed to be where I am at. Support means so much more to me!


Its My Birthday!

Well Its my birthday again. Im turning 33 years old today. I feel better than ever honestly. They say age is just a number but it’s not. It’s a blessing to me. When you reach certain points in life you start to appreciate things more. The simple things like nature, peace and quiet. This day is just another day for me. I’ll be hanging out with my family and working on some music but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Have a blessed day!

Stop the Distractions

These days we have so many distractions. The news, social media, movies, shows, etc. Once you understand this it’s pretty amazing how much you can actually achieve. The news is nothing but negativity. Im not saying that the issues aren’t important but if we were being honest we know the news doesn’t provide healthy dialogue. Thats achieved with your peers and family. The shows on tv are distracting you from your goals! I removed all streaming services a couple years ago and we are doing just fine. We are getting things done around the house. Such as making our own garden and improving the yard. We have more time to workout and stay in shape. We talk more with our kids and each other. The world is always going to be crazy and messed up. I prefer to focus on my goals and what I can control which is my own life. Once you focus on your goals and personal growth the world doesn’t seem so negative. Remember control what you can control! Thats your own life. Constantly worrying about stuff you see on the internet is toxic and just a plain waste of time! Have a blessed day!


I hope you all are having a good start to your weekend! I’m sipping on some coffee about to do some pushups and start working on my music. I’ve been feeling more motivated lately. I’m so thankful for that because honestly the news and the internet is nothing but negativity these days. I’m truly thankful for everyone who checks out my blog and my music. This website of mine is becoming more and more the place where Im most active online. I will be sharing more things daily from now on. So have a blessed weekend and make it a good one!


Let me start off the week by saying thank you. Thank you to everyone who takes an interest in my blog and my music! I really appreciate it. Its hard staying motivated these days with all the negative stuff on social media and the crap on tv. Im truly thankful. I have a lot of plans for this summer a couple new releases and hopefully some music videos! Stay tuned as always have a blessed day!

Lets work together!

Im ready to record and work with artist anytime anywhere. We are really looking forward to new projects coming out later this year. Collabs in the works and much more. I will be reaching out to artist and producers.

If you are interested in working with us feel free to message or email me anytime!

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