Stop the Distractions

These days we have so many distractions. The news, social media, movies, shows, etc. Once you understand this it’s pretty amazing how much you can actually achieve. The news is nothing but negativity. Im not saying that the issues aren’t important but if we were being honest we know the news doesn’t provide healthy dialogue. Thats achieved with your peers and family. The shows on tv are distracting you from your goals! I removed all streaming services a couple years ago and we are doing just fine. We are getting things done around the house. Such as making our own garden and improving the yard. We have more time to workout and stay in shape. We talk more with our kids and each other. The world is always going to be crazy and messed up. I prefer to focus on my goals and what I can control which is my own life. Once you focus on your goals and personal growth the world doesn’t seem so negative. Remember control what you can control! Thats your own life. Constantly worrying about stuff you see on the internet is toxic and just a plain waste of time! Have a blessed day!


Tuesday thoughts

Im up a little late today. I was up last night just thinking and trying to come up with some fresh ideas. That happens to me every once in a while these days. Im sipping on some coffee right now and working on some album art. I have to get a workout in today too. Im thinking I should start meditating again but its a challenge in my house lol. I used to enjoy going by the river and just sitting and thinking. I just want summer back so I can do some fishing! You all have a great day and keep pushing!