Monday Workout

It’s Push Day!

100 Pushups

Military Press 6 sets 10-20 Reps

Lateral Raises 6 Sets 10-20 Reps

Front Raises 6 Sets 10-20 Reps

Calve Raises 6 Sets 10-20 Reps

Body Squats with a 25 or 35 Pound Plate 100 Reps

I use medium weight right now.

Ladies This is what my wife does on Push Day!

Hip Thrust 5 Sets

Squats 5 sets with booty bands or Weight bar

Calve Raises 5 sets

Military Press 5 sets

Lateral Raises 5 Sets

be original

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am not a fan of fads. I do not care at all what the other person is doing. If you are going to be a successful artist especially underground. Then you must find a way to stand out! Thats just what it takes in my humble opinion. Im not talking about the mainstream music industry. That is mostly just the same song on repeat with a different artist singing it. Im not hating just speaking some facts. I hope to give listeners a new kind of experience. Thats why my albums tend to be a little more theatrical. Im trying to find ways to stand out. We need more artist who are different. Im very happy I work with artist who know how to create works of true art. Thats my advice for today. No matter what you do. Do it your way! Be creative be your authentic self. Have a blessed day!


Goals matter! I will never understand a person that doesn’t have goals. I try to live life everyday with some type of goal. It could be working out or as simple as being active. Such as just going for a walk. I cannot stand just sitting around all day. We are humans so down time is important too. I just like to relax by the water and go fishing but even then Im still doing something lol. Down time is important but so is your goals. Lose that last 10 pounds or write that song you’ve been putting off for so long. Learn something or read a new book. Do your own research on important topics. The media isn’t going to. Make sure you always have a new goal. Doesn’t matter how difficult and always remember to chill also. Have a blessed day!

Ending the week with a Leg Workout!

Im going to leave my leg workout below and My Wife’s workout below.


Squats 4 sets front or back

Leg curls 4 sets

Deadlift 4 sets 2 heavy 2 light.

Calve Raises 4 sets 3 heavy 1 light.


Hip thrust 3 sets light to medium

Leg Curls 4 sets

Squats 4 Sets

Deadlifts 4 sets light weight right now.

Calve raises 4 sets

Also include some sumo squats and crunches.