Light Workout Today

I did some light deadlifts and curls today for a workout. I did a dirty bulk and a lot of ego lifting for about 3 months lol. Now Im slimming down and toning. Lift light eat light for at least 4 to 6 weeks. It doesn’t take me long to slim down.

Why Music?

A lot of reasons for becoming a musician for a living. My background truly did limit my job options. Which was ridiculous because I had never been in serious trouble before. I made a mistake when I was 18 and a stupid situation cost me my future. I always loved music any genre but hiphop spoke to me. It hit home with certain situations artist rapped about I related to their pain. I wasn’t going through every thing the same way but I had the same hopeless feeling. I dealt with bullying not like getting shoved into the locker stuff but I had to fight back multiple times really against one particular family. I was quiet and stayed to myself mostly. How I ended up with the friends I had is crazy because I barely spoke. Girls liked me and most people were cool with me. I just felt lonely for some reason. I guess it was my mom being hospitalized all the time, my brother in trouble, or my dad being pretty much absent in my life. I don’t blame my father for anything today I understand him a lot more now that Im older and he is a good person with bad problems. I won poetry competitions when I was a child and I think that has always been my interest. So it makes sense hiphop interested me. I started writing music when I was 14 and rapped stuff to my friends and they made sure I got it recorded. I didn’t talk much so it was interesting to hear me on the mic I guess lol. So I grew up a little too quick and I made a mistake when I was 18 and found myself in jail and jobless. When everything was over I went into the job field looking for work. I got turned away from so many jobs the first year its crazy the same letter every time. You have red flags on your background blah blah blah. I have 94 rejection letters in my cabinet at home. Just to remind me. Im going to show them to my children when they’re older just to show them the reality they will face if they act stupid. I finally started getting work with construction companies who do hire a lot of people with backgrounds. They kinda treat their employees like crap but thats a different topic. I was still writing and recording music on and off while working and getting laid off over and over. I kept studying the industry the dos and the don’ts. Label or no label I decided my label and Im going to save money to build it. Then one day it happened the day I found out I was having my first child I got laid off. The company didn’t even have the decency to call me. One of my coworkers called and said you know what time it is. Yea I knew what time it was I went to the store bought my I mac and went to work. Im not a top selling artist or anything like that but I do manage to pay bills and make a living with music. Im blessed! Yall have a blessed day!

Artist & Social media

I’ve been struggling with social media lately. I feel like its needed these days for artist to be successful but man its frustrating. Social media has become toxic and I hate using that word because its constantly used these days. Its also very annoying that you have to pay to reach your fans of your page. That is crazy to me honestly. I post to my page with over 3,000 fans and only like 20 even see it. Im not one to make excuses or complain but we need to figure something out forreal. I think its best to message your support directly. I have started to do this and it has worked pretty well. I have ideas on how to solve this issue.

  1. Network with other artist! Collaborate.
  2. Go directly to your fans. Im not saying to go beg a venue to play your music. I have never done that instead I go directly to the source. I ask a fan if they want me to perform and I show up with merch and my music. Also a bonus you dont have to take a pay cut!
  3. Message fans directly.
  4. Emails
  5. Drive around with your product! Hand out merch items
  6. Do free giveaways!
  7. Release music for free on your website and build your website audience.

Just a few ideas if you have any suggestions let me know!

Surprise Track September 26!

It was sooner or later going to happen. Great minds think alike. This track was fun for me I love it when I get legit artist to collab with me. My bro came in and did his thing. We killed this track! I cannot wait for you to hear it. No profanity or typical lyrics. MastermindZ will be released September 26! A very talented artist and important voice in the hiphop community. Im thankful that Kratos The TrackSlayer Featured on this Track!

New Album in 6 Days!

The new album Trap N Purgatory will be released this Saturday! I’m so excited man. This album is by far my favorite project. The album is about the story of two men thrown into a place between heaven and hell. Their journey together brings out many different topics. Temptation, revenge, hopelessness, pride and many more. This album contains a great mix of lyrics and modern beats. The best of both worlds in my opinion. I hope everyone gets a chance to listen. I will make sure to share the album on my site this weekend!

August 7th!