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My Man Kratos dropped a new project with 6 new tracks. A very solid track list with my two favorites being All on my own & Keep that same energy. Which belongs on the radio in my personal opinion. Check him out below!

Monday Workout

It’s Push Day!

100 Pushups

Military Press 6 sets 10-20 Reps

Lateral Raises 6 Sets 10-20 Reps

Front Raises 6 Sets 10-20 Reps

Calve Raises 6 Sets 10-20 Reps

Body Squats with a 25 or 35 Pound Plate 100 Reps

I use medium weight right now.

Ladies This is what my wife does on Push Day!

Hip Thrust 5 Sets

Squats 5 sets with booty bands or Weight bar

Calve Raises 5 sets

Military Press 5 sets

Lateral Raises 5 Sets