Fitness Goals

Anything worth doing is going to take time and effort. Everything these days is so convenient and fast. Getting in shape is still one of the hardest things to accomplish. I’m taking a little longer than expected to achieve my goal but I’m pushing. The holidays didn’t help lol but I’m focused and continuing to move forward. If anyone needs some advice or guidance just let me know!


M.O.A.M 2 Jan-1-2022

My new album Mind of a monster 2 comes out Jan 1 2022! New years night I hope everyone checks it out. This album just like the first one sounds like a movie lol. The visuals are cool. The first album was about a man in a maximum security prison who tells his life story through music then escapes. This album is more dark like the last. I enjoyed making it though. This type of album requires a lot of energy. I put effort into making the listeners be able to put themselves in the songs or scenes. I hope yall check it out. M.O.A.M 2 is about the man that escaped and is now on the run or in hiding. Deep lyrics with emotion mixed with modern era beats. Album Art Below!

The King

I chose to write something a little different today. I usually write about my music, my Family or workout routines. Today Im going to talk about one of the most under appreciated athletes in pro sports in my opinion. Why am I doing this? Well those that know me know that I am a sports fan but I love Football. The NFL is my favorite in pro sports. My favorite team is the Titans. Their most dangerous player is without a doubt Derrick Henry the 6 foot 3 250 pound running back that runs like a deer lol. Shout out to Skip. I feel like the Nfl and its fans are more than aware of Henry but the analyst are to me disrespectful. I think one of the many reasons for this is they are obsessed for whatever reason with Qbs. They tend to overrate these younger Qbs. The term Goat is thrown around these days way too often. The Goat is Tom Brady everyone knows that but this isn’t about him. Derrick Henry will go down as one the best if not the best to ever do it at his position mark my words. Unfortunately for this man the NFL is pass based now. The analyst don’t appreciate a Derrick Henry highlight reel. Maybe because he doesn’t wear the right jersey or he’s on a small market team. Their bias is undeniable at this point. Whats even more strange is it seems to me that Henry is so good its actually gotten to a point where its normal. He puts up 100 yards and a td and everyones like he had an off day lol. That isn’t normal in case you were wondering casual football fans. The dudes career numbers are a little misunderstood. The casual fan doesn’t know that Henry was a back up early in his career which I know sounds strange but yes it happened. His career stats sit at 6,729 yards. Which a lot of people would say ok thats not bad thats a little over a thousand a year. Thats not the case though he only ran the ball 286 times his first two seasons. The last four seasons he has 5,495 yards! Thats insane! This dude has so many Highlight reels I would have to write a blog daily to cover them. It’s not talked about enough and people still question his abilities. Hell Madden cant even get his overall correct but what do they get correct these days? The consistency alone is incredible. The dude is a beast and everyone knows what he’s going to do yet they don’t stop him. I’m glad that titans fans are starting to create their own youtube channels and bring fans together with more fair coverage. Its awesome to see them working with fans of other teams also. I just hope that this man can get a championship in his career. That would solidify his spot in the Hall. I know that would make analyst sick to their stomachs but who cares. The man was also snubbed in last years MVP race. How the heck is he not the MVP? The Titans offense would be so lost without him its not even funny. The titans win when he runs for over hundred yards. Last year they were at 13-0 when he ran for over 100. Henry is the definition of MVP. No player in the NFL is as important as he is to this team. So shout out to the king. Keep doing your thing big man we got you. Check out titan upload on youtube and titan anderson they do a great job.

Artist & Social media

I’ve been struggling with social media lately. I feel like its needed these days for artist to be successful but man its frustrating. Social media has become toxic and I hate using that word because its constantly used these days. Its also very annoying that you have to pay to reach your fans of your page. That is crazy to me honestly. I post to my page with over 3,000 fans and only like 20 even see it. Im not one to make excuses or complain but we need to figure something out forreal. I think its best to message your support directly. I have started to do this and it has worked pretty well. I have ideas on how to solve this issue.

  1. Network with other artist! Collaborate.
  2. Go directly to your fans. Im not saying to go beg a venue to play your music. I have never done that instead I go directly to the source. I ask a fan if they want me to perform and I show up with merch and my music. Also a bonus you dont have to take a pay cut!
  3. Message fans directly.
  4. Emails
  5. Drive around with your product! Hand out merch items
  6. Do free giveaways!
  7. Release music for free on your website and build your website audience.

Just a few ideas if you have any suggestions let me know!

Daily Blog post Retribution

Today I look back on my album Retribution. If you haven’t heard it before I will be posting the youtube link below. I would never recommend to anyone to dwell in their past, but sometimes it can be beneficial to look back and reflect. I use my past for motivation on some projects. The truth is our past is important.

How do I deal with the past events that changed my life forever? I train my body, mind and spirit. Fitness is one of the most important parts of my life. I love the challenge it presents with every rep and set. I feel the stress leaving my body. I enjoy reading and writing stories. Being creative is also very empowering. I feel meditation is something everyone should consider trying. I know it’s not for everyone. Some people prefer prayer which is also fine. Try to find as many things as you can to inspire you and keep you healthy. Family and friends are very important but you have to learn to be happy with yourself too.

Forgive but never forget and move on!